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The Light of Lovers
at the Pushkin Monument

Moscow is rightfully called one of the most remarkable cities in the sphere of arts, entertainment and leisure activities. Here you will find bright and memorable events and famous names in all genres of classical and modern theater, music, cinema, fine arts and sports.

The night life of Moscow is no less replete than life of its working days, full of events, premieres and concerts. The theaters, cinemas, stadiums and other entertainment, sports and public places in Moscow all have interesting histories. In participating in these events you will experience the unique atmosphere and ambiance of these places. The Moscow International Film Festival , which opening takes place at the Pushkin Cinema, is held "on the background of Pushkin", that is on the background of one of Moscow’s most significant monuments. Or the festive "folk" open air celebrations, traditionally organized in Tverskaya Street, the Manezhnaya Square, the Red Square and Vasilyevsky Slope. Having once visited any event advertised on Moscow’s billboards, a nightclub or an open air concert, you will be as impressed as you would be by any of the most interesting sights of the city.

Each season in Moscow is marked by several special events in its cultural life. "The Easter Festival" and "Museum Night" in the spring, previews and open-air concerts from June to August, The City Day in early September and the Moscow Oktoberfest, winter cinema and theater award ceremonies make the year in Moscow pass by quickly and the more of your free time you devote to leisure activities the more vivid memories you will create.


By the way, you can relax with your children at Gorky Park. Here you will find the “Luna Park”, the “Chudo-Grad” (Wonder-City) amusement complex and a video salon. During the winter, the largest outdoor skating-rink in Moscow is located in the park.

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