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The Moscow Branch of the Utrish Dolphinarium

The Moscow Dolphinarium is one of the most popular and visited places of the Russian capital. Here you can see real sea mammals, communicate with them and learn a lot of new things about their life and habits. In the Moscow Branch of the Utrish Dolphinarium Black Sea bottle-nosed dolphins, white whales, walruses, sea lions and Northern fur seals participate in performances. Amazing tricks performed by these animals touch everybody’s heart.

An entertainment show lasts for about an hour and is accompanied by educational stories and popular science comments. The audience hall is comfortable, so, you can watch a show from any place. After a performance the audience has an opportunity to take some photos with pinniped artists. At the entrance to the Dolphinarium there’s a small children’s amusement park. Inside it there’s a shop where you can buy a souvenir to remember by the visit to the Dolphinarium.

The Moscow Dolphinarium is not only a circus show; it is also the only place in Moscow where you can swim together with dolphins. Children under the age of 10-12 are allowed to swimming only in the company of adults. Tickets for a show and a swimming session are available for booking over the Internet. You can also buy a gift certificate.

In case of some diseases (for example, cerebral palsy) communication with dolphins has a curative effect. For this reason, in the Moscow Dolphinarium we carry out sessions of dolphin therapy for children (subject to a doctor’s prescription). As opposed to ordinary swimming, this method of treatment is prescribed for children with disturbance of development. In order to carry out a session of dolphin therapy animals are prepared in a special way. During such session a specific environment is created in the swimming-pool and it is obligatory that a podiatrist is present at a session of this kind.

The Dolphinarium schedule changes twice a year. From the middle of June to September, 20th the summer schedule is valid: 6 p.m. performances are cancelled on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Some Facts from the Dolphinarium History

27 Mironovskaya St. (The Palace of Water Sports)
Metro Stations: Semenovskaya, Partizanskaya
More information at: +7 (495) 585-08-92, (495) 234-31-97, (499) 230-34-82 ticket booking
Working Hours: 12.00-19.00 (Wed-Sun) (session schedule is subject to clarification)
Box-Offices: 11.00-18.00
Cost: 300-2000 Rub. (free entrance for children under 3 in case of the same place with an adult)
Swimming together with dolphins: from 5 200 Rub.
A gift certificate for swimming with dolphins: from 6 100 Rub.

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* The photo is from the Utrish Dolphinarium site

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