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Leningradsky Railway Station

The Leningradsky Railway Station is the oldest railway station in Moscow. In February 1842 Emperor Nicolas I signed a decree to build a railroad between St. Petersburg and Moscow — Russia’s first major railroad. Railway stations in Moscow and St. Petersburg were built according to the same design by outstanding architect Konstantin Ton. He certainly had enough experience, having designed the St. Catherine Church in Tsarskoye Selo (has not survived), the Christ the Savior Cathedral and the Great KremlinPalace in Moscow.

A wasteland near the Kalanchevskoye Field, far from residential buildings, was chosen as the site for the new railway station. Construction was completed in 1849, and the railway station was a precise copy of the Moskovsky Railway Station in St. Petersburg. The building was beautifully decorated from the inside, especially the apartments for the royal family. A loading dock was added to the railway station building from the side of the railway tracks (architect Rudolf Zhelyazevich). The railway complex also included the Moscow Customs House (1852), which Ton designed in the business style. The first train arrived from St. Petersburg in Moscow on August 3, 1851. Read more

3 Komsomolskaya Square (Three Station Square)
Komsomolskaya metro station
+ 7 (495) 262-9143 (tel./fax)

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