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Working in Moscow

In recent years, Moscow has become particularly attractive for various categories of foreigners, since the capital of Russia is able to offer them a large variety of jobs in various specialties at the salary level, which often satisfies even citizens of the countries of Western Europe.

Due to the fact that the economy of the Russian Federation and Moscow is becoming increasingly integrated into the world economy, many offices of multinational companies are opening in the Russian capital, that can offer a variety of jobs to foreigners. However, many Moscow-based companies are also very interested in attracting highly qualified staff with world-class expertise and skills.

Obtaining a work permit (or patent) in Moscow is only quite easy for citizens of the countries that have a visa-free regime with Russia (mainly the CIS countries): this can be done upon arrival in the Russian Federation. For citizens who need a visa, the procedure for obtaining a work permit is more difficult. At the same time, foreign specialists who are highly qualified and wish to work in Moscow can declare this themselves by referring to the diplomatic mission or consular office of the Russian Federation in the country of residence with an application that confirms their professional level, as well as a consent to the entry of information into the appropriate database designed for potential employers in Russia. In this case, an employer invites a specialist to Moscow, who also deals with organisational issues (visas, amongst other things).